Festus Movie Systemline F hinged
e-PL Movie Systemline e-PL telescoping

Industrial solutions for lighting

  • Highest possible safety during installation and servicing
  • Safe performance of maintenance work by 1 person only
  • Quick availability
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Cost-efficient design and implementation
  • Corrosion protection
  • TÜV certified quality

ADEXX: A comprehensive range of universal solutions for mounting industrial lighting.

ADEXX is the first series-produced luminaire mounting system for structures and work platforms that fulfils all industrial requirements.

  • In close cooperation with industrial partners, ADEXX has developed ideal solutions that comply with the applicable safety regulations and provisions for platforms.
  • With our hinged or telescoping poles, all work can be performed on platforms, even at great heights, without climbing aids.
  • The work, be it installation or maintenance, can be done by one person alone.
  • Cost-efficient luminaire installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Light system weight
  • Low load on railings
DIN EN 60598-1:2009-09, PatentDIN EN 60598-1:2009-09,   Patent


Highly developed manufacturing processes and materials make sure the lamp accessory, pole and fastening systems are long-lived and guarantee the safety and effectiveness of installation, service, and maintenance.

The simple line from fixed to telescoping designs is reflected in all fastening systems, lamp poles and lamp mounting systems.

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