Occupational safety is our top priority

ADEXX provides the first standardized lamp mounting system for railings that fulfils all industrial requirements from affordable lamp installation to highly safe lamp servicing and repair.

If lighting systems are installed on platforms or scaffoldings and must be serviced, repaired or exchanged regularly, high safety requirements apply. In close cooperation with industrial partners, ADEXX has developed ideal solutions for this field.

With our products, we enable our clients to work fast and - above all - safely at all heights. And the best is: All work, be it installation or maintenance, can be carried out by only one person. It is no longer necessary to use a second person for safeguarding purposes.

With our hinged or telescoping poles, all work can be performed standing directly on the existing platform, even at great heights. What is more, the light system weight of our products will ensure a low load on the railings on which they are mounted.

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